Fabian Kuhn

3D Artist

Augmentation of the "Holzforscherheft"

proHolz Steiermark

In this project I worked with Areeka and proHolz Steiermark to add augmented reality experiences to the proHolz wood research booklet to make it more visual and exciting.

One of the experiences is “How the tree transports water”. In this experience you can playfully click through the content and observe how the process behaves under different conditions, be it intense sunlight or windy weather.

Another fascinating section takes us on a journey inside the tree. Step by step, we delve into the depths of the material to learn more about its individual components. This exciting exploration allows for a detailed look and a better understanding of the inner structures of wood.

My role was to turn proHolz’s storyboards and ideas into 3D, add interactions and finally augment them with Areeka’s AR technology.

How the tree transports water


Journey through the wood